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Zoom tutoring sessions and small group, socially distanced classes available.


1:1 Tutoring offered in the following specialties: ENGLISH, ESL, MATH, FRENCH. SPANISH, ITALIAN, HISTORY & SOCIAL SCIENCES & CHEMISTRY.

Our tutors are experienced, knowledgeable, effective, and known for their ability to relate to young people.  Our goal is to make a positive difference in the academic achievements of your children through patient instruction, content-rich sessions, encouragement, and continuing assessment.

In Language Arts, we emphasize the skills necessary to improve reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary.  In particular, good reading-comprehension skills are critical for all academic subjects, as well as for standardized tests.

For example, students often struggle with math problems because they fail to understand what is being asked or do not differentiate between what is given and what is asked..

Our students have been admitted to institutions such as Brandeis, Duke University, and NYU.


Our teachers for this program are well acquainted with the current tests and with the materials, drills, techniques, exposures, and resources necessary for solid preparation for these exams. 

They also understand well the tensions and pressures that young people feel in anticipation of the test taking and can help to alleviate this...through academic instruction, techniques such as vocabulary, continued practice, and appropriate building of confidence.

Tests covered are: SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ISEE, ACT, AP and SAT subject tests

NOW OFFERING...GRE preparation


Why is learning a second or third language valuable for your child?

Not only are our language classes fun, but they also engage the part of your child's brain involved in analytical thinking, important for the learning of many disciplines.

The more your child engages this part of the brain, the more quickly he/she will grasp more difficult language structures and sounds, We cater to children ages 3-9 and offer classes both after school and on weekends.

Learning occurs through songs, interactive games, puppetry, movement activities, scrapbooking, role-playing, and more.

Classes are theme-based, and vocabulary and simple dialogue build on material presented in prior sessions. We offer classes in French, Spanish, and Mandarin.


All tutoring and teaching occur in your child's home or the local library, at a time that is convenient for your family.

We also cater to HOME SCHOOLERS and can hold these sessions similarly in the home or in the local library.

Meet one of our tutors!

"Hello! My name is Andrew Wang. I have taught children in middle school, since 2014, and I have also tutored, many age groups, in English, Math, History, Chemistry and, now SAT Math prep. I am currently tutoring a few high school students. I particularly enjoy tutoring math & SAT prep. I scored a 780/800 on the math portion of the SAT in high school, and a 167/170 for the math portion of the GRE. Before moving back to the Newton area, I was in training at a tutoring service for SAT/ACT takers, and have since applied my trainings to my tutoring. I have a calm personality and I am good at putting people at ease. As I am of Taiwanese nationality, I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese as well as in English—this allows me to better connect with students of Taiwanese and Chinese backgrounds. I have a passion for teaching math, and particularly enjoy geometry, trigonometry and algebra. I am also very interested in history of all kinds due to my international background. I really enjoy working with children of all ages, and I look forward to tutoring more."