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What are clients saying about BestTutor4u!

"Last year, we used what is now called BestTutor4U to help my son with Spanish, Biology and SAT preparation and, after twice weekly tutoring, my son’s grades began to improve.  We had tried one on one tutoring with someone else but she lacked certain skills that my son really needed to improve. At BestTutor4U, they listened and responded, efficiently and effectively, were highly professional and ultimately,  my son looked forward to his tutoring sessions." - Pat from Westford, MA

 "The tutor had a positive attitude, offered great insight and strategies and was often available in between sessions.  She was extremely knowledgeable in the subjects and connected well with my son who also has ADD.  Finally, she was skilled at imparting information and making it a positive learning experience. Both my son and I highly recommend this service." - Ann M - Sudbury, MA

"Thank you for helping our daughter not only improve her academic performance, but also improve her attitude about learning.  She is so much more relaxed and actually enjoying many of her classes after the months of tutoring you so effectively provided.   She is also more focused and confident!   Thank you for your wonderful, professional and personal service.  We will recommend you!!." - Concord, MA parents

"My daughter wanted to double-up on math and science classes starting her sophomore year, but soon found that is was overwhelming and she would not drop a class but rather, asked if we would find a tutor for her which we did.  We contacted BestTutor4U and found an exceptional tutor who quickly connected with her and helped her to both better organize her study and to address more challenging problems as they arose.  The tutor was most professional, pleasant, calm and available  and gave my daughter the confidence that she could maintain her schedule and perform well which was of utmost importance to her.  I would highly recommend any of the tutors at BestTutor4U.  We have just started French and English tutoring for our son who has some definite weaknesses and already looks forward to his tutoring sessions, quite unusual for him. "- Beth - Belmont , MA parent